Sharon Linnea Smith
A Softer Touch

Animal Intuitive,
Interspecies Communicator, and Energy Healing

These are some of the many testimonials about Sharon Linnea Smith’s work as an Animal Intuitive, Interspecies Communicator, and Energy Healer.     

Sharon Linnea Smith has done Animal Intuitive Readings with the customers at both our Topsfield and Peabody Petco stores. Our customers are amazed with the readings and enchanted with Sharon. She is very personable and well-liked by both our customers and staff.”                Grace Eager, Team Leader and Robert W. Howell, Manager
                          Petco, Topsfield, Massachusetts

Sharon Linnea Smith is very sensitive to the energy flows of both people and animals. She has communicated with many of my animal patients, among them dogs, cats, and horses. They have appreciated her ability to get messages to those of us trying to help them. It is a joy to know and work with Sharon.”                         Dr. Jill Buschman
                Chiropractor who works with animals, Merrimac, Massachusetts

"Sharon received helpful information from my oldest cat, Maggie, who for years has suffered from bladder problems. The vet helped, but only temporarily, so I tried homeopathy for Maggie, but I was not certain how well it was working and worried I had chosen the wrong course. Sharon told me from Maggie that homeopathy was what she preferred. Now not only have Maggie's bladder problems lessened, she has become more affectionate and playful, thanks to this treatment."                        Rebecca Johnson
                                                                                                        Milton, Massachusetts

"Sharon has helped me many times in my wildlife rehabilitation work, doing intuitive readings and accurately tuning into all kinds of creatures, ranging from lizards to hawks. I appraciate her talent very much."                                                                     Marcy Jeppe
                                                Charmacy Wildlife Center, Holbrook, Massachusetts



Dr. Margo Roman, DVM, Main Street Animal Services of Hopkinton

Mandy, Jocelyn, or Megan (staff)
Windrush Farms Therapeutic Equitation, Boxford, Massachusetts