Sharon Linnea Smith    
      A Softer Touch     

Since she was a child, SHARON LINNEA SMITH, M.A. has had the ability to connect to and communicate with all types of animals.

Sharon’s gifts have helped numerous animals – large and small, domestic and wild, with physical or emotional problems – helping restore them to health.

Her services have been used by Pet Owners, Animal Health Care Professionals, and other people who live, work with, and care about animals

Sharon uses her abilities as an Animal Intuitive, Interspecies Communicator and Energy Healer to work with all kinds of animals who have physical, emotional, or other problems. Sharon’s M.A. in Guidance and Counseling, and her experience in a variety of energy-healing techniques, including Reiki and Sound-Healing, also help her in this work.

Sharon has provided her Animal Communication and Healing Abilities for

*Pet Owners and Pet Stores
*Animal Clinics
*Animal Shelters

Animals that Sharon has worked with include

*Cats, Dogs, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits
*Lizards, Snakes, Pet Fish
*Domestic and Wild Birds
*Horses, Cows, Goats, Donkeys, and more.

See what her clients say about Sharon’s work, at Recommendations.

Sharon explains, “If an animal is having problems, the cause could be physical, emotional, or even spiritual. The problem could be in them, or in their physical or social environment.

“Animals tell me telepathically what they need, through sound, body language, and touch, and I tell their humans. They might even tell me about a health problem that their human is having. Like a language interpreter, I clarify the conversation between the animal and their human.

“It is very common for animals to require an energy-balancing, because animals act as energy conduits for their humans, or for other animals, or even for their physical environment, helping them to reduce stress. With this service, I provide animals with an easier path to accessing optimum health.”

“Because animals are more sensitive and more appreciative of healing energies, I call my work with animals A SOFTER TOUCH.”